Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meats of Wisdom - A Big History of Carnivory

The origins of human consciousness have fascinated me since since I was a young child – and in spite of my intense focus on the cosmic marriage between humans and meat – it is only just recently that I've been able to develop a more cohesive understanding of the role that meat eating has had in the epic of human evolution.

It's actually quite an unbelievable story – this one about the ape that took a liking to meat – it's a story that stretches backward to the big bang – and forward into the deep, unforeseeable future. Rife with speculation – yet contextualized by a mind-boggling mass of raw archeological data; we are able today, to infer and discuss more about the story of man's conscious awakening than ever before. And yet, so many fascinating questions remain – questions that can illuminate and deepen our appreciation of the very meats we now consume.

Over the months to follow, I'll share with you a selection of evolutionary episodes – mind-blowing nuggets from humanities deep past that tell the story of man, meat, and what it meant for the very fabric of reality on timescales bewildering to even the most earnest students of ancient human history.

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